About Lunch with Brian

I'm not Brian, but I go to lunch with Brian. The first time I went to lunch with Brian, we went to Trudy's on West 30th in Austin, TX. Afterward, we went to Spider House. That's about all I remember of that lunch because it was a long time ago.

After going to lunch a whole bunch of times, I wrote a song about going to lunch with Brian. Then, being a Web geek and all, I decided to make a Web site. YOU ARE HERE.

When the Web site was just an idea, I tried to explain to some folks what the Web site was going to be about. They didn't really understand. They would say things like, "A Web site about your lunches with Brian? I don't get the concept, but maybe I will when I see it."

We're developing lists of our favorite places to eat. Brian has a list. I have a list in development. And then there will be the official All Stars list for those who are consistently great.

I would also like to make periodic videos either at lunch or where we talk about lunch, but video editing takes up a lot of time, so mark this idea down as a good intention and don't hold your breath.

If you're a restaurant manager or owner or staff person, and would like to feed Brian and me for free, we'll talk about your restaurant here. If you don't want to feed us for free, but just want to invite us, we might still come for a visit, and if we do, we'll talk about your restaurant here. Just let us know.

Thanks for reading this far. If you would like to keep up with Lunch with Brian regularly, you can follow along on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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