Lunch with Brian - The Song


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Lunch with Brian was written and performed by Kim Novak.

It’s 10 to 11 gotta go downstairs
It’s time to go to lunch with Brian
Will we walk? Will we drive? I don’t care.
I’m so hungry that I feel like I’m dyin’

The Dog & Duck Pub’s out of scotch eggs again
The stilton cheese and fruit’s mighty nice to begin
Order chips with the sandwich you get chips
But order chips with the fish and you get fries

The Cipolina pizza has proscuitto & goat cheese
Don’t expect horseradish for your beef
There are sweet potato fries at the Galaxy Café
Where a robot and the bomb squad keep us safe


The leftover chicken’s great at Brian’s house
He makes it with forty cloves of garlic
The Aqua Teen Hunger Force is on TV
They say, “Meatwad got the honey, she.”

There’s speech impediment man at Cantina Laredo
I’m sure his jokes are clever if you could understand
The waiter pitches guacamole made at your table
While he’s making guacamole right at your table


The basil pesto pasta at Mandola’s has whole pine nuts
Where Brian pours vinegar in the olive oil
If you’re sitting in your car in the lot by Thai Kitchen
Better make sure you’ve locked your doors

At the Capitol the catfish is all-you-can-eat
And sometimes the catfish is blackened
During legislative sessions we see lots of politicians
And some even look like vampires


At Scholz’s they’ve got schnitzel with salsa and cheese
At Arturo’s they’ve got chicken quesadillas
At Zocalo the chocolate cheesecake’s got a kick
At La Madaleine you’ll be lucky not to spend $20.

Brian goes to lunch with me even when I’m grouchy
He’s patient and he’s wise and he makes me laugh
If it’s Thai Passion, Shady Grove or Hog Island Deli
The food is usually good, but the company’s the best.